Replacing A Ford F-100 Floor Pan

I’ve started the prep work for replacing the floor pan in my ’77 F-100. In this video, I go on a bit of a discovery mission to see how much rust damage there is. Its not as good as I hoped, but not as bad as it could be. Let’s see how this turns out!

016 – Why Does Mike YouTube?

This podcast was supposed to have video, but the video file was corrupted. In this episode, Joe and I talk a bit about how podcasting started, the expanding popularity of livestreaming and podcasting in the VW community, and why Good Old Mike got into YouTubing.


Network Cable Clean Up With Southwire Network Tool Kit

I use the Southwire Network Tool Kit to clean up my communications area today. The network cable and coax rats nest was out of hand!

Items used in the video

Southwire Network Tool Kit:

Tone Generator Kit:

Other helpful Gear

Impact Punch Down Tool: M300P

Professional VDV Low Voltage Cable Mapper tool kit:

014 Catching Up With Kenzi

In this episode, Good Old Mike talks to his lovely daughter before she leaves home for college. Kenzi is a very bright and impressive 19 year old who was an absolute joy to hang out with.