024 Old Volks TV


Link to video: https://youtu.be/jZ1fQB6Dw5g

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Jason Vogen with Old Volks TV came on the program for episode 24. We learned a lot about Jason, Volks America, Volksmania, Austin VW culture, caravanning and camping with VW buses, merchandise, racing / hot-rodding, car shows and events, man…starting to wonder what we didn’t cover. It was a great visit, and I’m sure you will agree. Enjoy!

023 Off Axis Builds



Dennis is a great guy, and this was a GREAT episode we recorded with him.  Below you will find all the links for Off Axis Builds and some of the items we talked about.  Special thank you to Dennis for coming on and hanging out with us.

Night Owl painting video

Night Owl center console

Night Owl first start up


More Rain, More Leaks, and a Dashboard Tear Down

Today I spent some time in the truck trying to narrow down the source of water leaks in the cab. There is either a leak in the seam between the firewall and the cowl, or from the windshield, or the heater core.

In today’s video, I recorded my tear down steps I took. I actually made it further, but this is the footage I had handy when putting together the video. the remaining footage will be included in the next video.

I also continued rust exploration and found the driver’s side is not in as good of shape as I had hoped. More on that tomorrow.

F100 Rusty Floor Pans and Water Leak In Cab

In my last F100 video, I covered an assessment of my passenger side floor pan. I was discovering the depth of the rust real-time and was unsure what my approach would be with respect to replacement. I have decided since then that I will be replacing a large portion of the passenger side floor pan. Assessment of the driver’s side is pending, so I may need a patch or two over there as well.

Today it has been raining most of the day. I was checking in on the truck and noticed that there was some dripping water coming inside the cab and running down very close to the heavy pitting shown in that last video.

I wiped up the water and then poured a gallon of water into the cowl through the vents in front of the windshield. Most of the water landed on the driveway as expected. But a minute or so later, water began to drip down in that same area again. And then a few minutes later, it began to drip in a similar spot on the driver’s side.

I recorded a little video to upload to an F100 forum and did some research on the internet. Turns out, in cab drippage is a common problem with Ford trucks.

So, I’m going to clean up the muddy floor pan tomorrow, then start removing in dash components. There is all kinds of stuff up there and I’m not looking forward to this BUT I am glad I discovered this before installing new pans and carpet. Better to repair it now than later.