Mystery Gift Part 2

Well this was a scheduling snafu. I intended to make some tweaks to this and re-upload but apparently I scheduled it to go live today and didn’t notice it. Oh well! Hope you like it as is. IN the video, the gift takes shape and the mystery is exposed. Enjoy!

011 Vané Pinstriping

I am very happy to share that we had the fantastic Vanessa from Vané Pinstriping on the show for episode 11.  Special Thanks to Gary Miller from VW Jawbreaker for standing in as co-host while Joey enjoyed a vacation.  

You can (and should) follow the wonderful Vané here!
Facebook: https ://

A Mystery Project

Yesterday, I released a video on youtube for a project I’m working on. Since this one is a gift, I need to roll them out slowly to avoid spoiling it. I also spent a little time trying out a green screen effect on this video. For a first stab, i’m pretty happy with how it came out. This is also the first video where I feature the entire Zero Gravity EP in the video. A a few firsts for this one. Hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed making it.

GOMP 10 – CT and Rusty!

Today, we have a great guest. CT and Rusty are on the podcast. We had a great chat with CT and highly recommend you take a listen. As always, there is extra audio on the audio-only version available at The video version was released on the Good Old Mike YouTube channel of course. Here are the links for your convenience as well.

009 Joe and Mike Mega Chat

As we shared last week, we are doing 1 audio-only podcast per month to just relax and discuss what we’ve done, how we are doing, what we can improve on, and any other random stuff. While I love our guests, these are some of my favorite discussions with my son. I hope you take a listen and leave some feedback. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

This was a lot of fun and our first audio-only podcast in a while.  Joe and I talk about Steve Vai, Porcupine Tree, Non-VW guests, Classic VWs, and other ramblings.  

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Charity Update

Since it is clear the Zero Gravity EP campaign is underperforming (we did net $12.00 in November), I have decided to change things up a little bit. I have set up automated monthly contributions of $50 to and $50 to LBDA charities and will let those run monthly for the duration of 2021. If all goes well, this will total $1,300.00 for the 13 months. Once the 13 months are up, we will reassess our contribution plans. The $1300.00 is coming from Good Old Mike’s music sales and streaming proceeds, YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and Good Old Mike’s personal funds. If the previously mentioned revenue streams outperform $100 / month, we will reassess our contribution. In short, if we earn more, we can donate more.


Today we aired episode 8 of the Good Old Mike Podcast where we had an awesome talk Glenn from Duckman Cycles and VW Garage. Check out the video or audio below, or check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, or other podcast streaming platforms.