Gotta Get Out Video

The single, Gotta Get Out by Good Old Mike was released on September 24, 2020 and is available on most popular streaming platforms. Here is my first attempt at a “Music Video,” I hope you enjoy it.

Unfortunately, since my music youtube channel does not qualify for monetization at this time, because it is so tiny, no revenue is generated from video views. BUT, if you stream the single on your favorite streaming platform, those proceeds will go to some or all Good Old Mike’s Supported Charities.

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Zero Gravity EP Release For Charity

On September 18, 2020, I released the EP titled Zero Gravity. All revenue from sales and streaming of the EP are going to charity. This is a great way to donate to charity without spending a dime. Please check out these links and share with friends to get the word out!

Zero Gravity

I have a 5 track Instrumental Rock EP dropping this Friday titled Zero Gravity.  You will be able to purchase or stream it on all the major platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.) on 9/18/2020 at 8pm ET.  I’m very excited about this release.  It is my first significant musical endeavor in many years.

All of the songs on this EP were written, performed, engineered, and produced by me, in my home studio, which is essentially a repurposed closet dubbed Creek Side Sound Studio.

I’ve been working on this effort since April of this year, during the 2020 quarantine. Although in April I did not yet know I was writing a new album, as time went on, the songs began to take on a common theme.  And so around July, I decided to make an official project out of it. 

The Zero Gravity EP is a sci-fi adventure or “space western” concept album which is intended to serve as an analogy for the later stages of life. 

The first track, Into the Unknown, is about approaching the trials of an impending end.   Specifically, coping with cognitive decline and the experience of traveling forward in life while losing a grip on the essence of one’s existence and life experience.  Into the Unknown has a guitar solo which is intended to pay homage to one of the greatest rock guitar players of the 70s and 80s, David Gilmour.  It is not a David Gilmour solo, but I tried.

The theme of the title track, Zero Gravity, is gliding through space in a zero gravity orbit and is intended to represent my personal prayer for those near their final destination.  The track is about letting go of anxiety and worry and allowing your spirit to thrive without restraint.  To find true peace.

Carpe Diem, or seize the day, is somewhat of an obvious one, I think.  Make the most of the time you have.  Do good.  Love.  Create meaningful connections.  Follow your dreams. Savor the tender moments.  These are the values I focused on during the writing and recording process.  This track has a brief guitar solo inspired by another one of the all time greats, Jimmy Hendrix, who left this world far too soon.

Carousel of Fire is representative of the continuous cycle of pain that is part of life.  Personal pain.  Physical pain.  Emotional pain.  Ever recurring and exponential in intensity.  The song ends with a final cry representing arrival to one’s final destination.

Always Here.  We carry the ones we love with us always.  I wrote this song for my daughter when she was leaving for college in August 2020, but the theme could not be more appropriate for this EP.

I understand that some of this may sound ominous, but I do not intend it to be.  Life is both light and dark.  These songs were born out of reflections on my father’s dementia and other tragic ailments suffered by other beloved family members.  I am not without bitterness to see painful changes in those I love, but I do believe their trials can continue to educate and remind us of the important things in life.  They will always be with me, and this project is an expression of love.  I hope it is viewed as such.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to charities supporting dementia research, ALS research, and elder care. 

On Friday at 8pm ET, please give Zero Gravity by Good Old Mike a listen and consider purchasing if you are so inspired.  Either way, hug someone you love today, and, as always, be good!