The Wormhole

So today, I was asked to make something that requires my woodworking tools. My wife said, “you do realize you have just opened the wormhole?” Which was a hilarious and totally appropriate term to use given an understanding of my psyche.

The bandsaw got a cleanup, alignment, and test today

My wife often refers to my obsessions as “stations.” Likening it to a kindergartener where I have this station for electronics, this station for music, this station for woodworking, coding, welding, automotive, etc. Most of my “stations” stay dark for long periods of time and I will focus on a single obsession or two at a time. Then something will happen, and “a wormhole is opened.”

Anyway, only time will tell if woodworking is reactivated. I have a project I need to use the tools for. We’ll see…but still, it was FUNNY.

Focus This Week

So it is Thursday, and I haven’t posted any videos this week. Truth is, I haven’t played much guitar or worked on many projects this week.


Well, 3 reasons.

I have been doing a lot of walking. After successfully completing the cardiologist stress test on Friday, I have an increased sense of confidence that walking the big hill in my neighborhood is not going to kill me. So, even though I still have the cough, I’m walking the hill multiple times a day.

Work has been busy.

My wife thru her back out. Since Melissa thru her back out this week, i have been staying close to her making sure she doesn’t over do things. Had to take her to the doctor, and perform some other extra credit duties.

So, it has been a “life happens,” week. But the good news is I do have some content ready to be edited and Melissa is feeling a bit better. Things are moving in the right direction and my hope is I’ll be able to record somethings over the next couple of days.

I here is my promise – I will get back to working on content asap. Stay tuned. 🙂

Instagram Username Update

Ok ok, I’m terrible at back and forth. I admit it.

I changed my Instagram Username back to goodoldmike17. Why? Because goodoldmike17 is my username on Twitter and Facebook. So for consistency, goodoldmike17 it is. Decision done.

Edward Van Halen

Yesterday morning, Edward Van Halen lost his battle with cancer. Today, I posted this on Instagram:

I don’t remember when exactly I first heard Van Halen 1. I remember clearly when 1984 came out and then going back through the catalog after being exposed to the amazing band. I remember being entirely blown away by the band and especially Eddie’s playing. They had a heavy edge to their sound while maintaining spirit of fun and good times. There was nothing else like it, and Eddie’s guitar tone and playing ruined my perception of other greats for quite some time. It was hard to go back to Clapton or Paige after listening to Eddie. He was that mind blowing, for me at least.

Honestly, I’ve never been able to play Van Halen, or do it justice, but I have been inspired by his music over and over again. With Eddie’s passing, it seems like a good time to attempt once again to cover one his tracks. We’ll see how I do.