Charity Update

Since it is clear the Zero Gravity EP campaign is underperforming (we did net $12.00 in November), I have decided to change things up a little bit. I have set up automated monthly contributions of $50 to and $50 to LBDA charities and will let those run monthly for the duration of 2021. If all goes well, this will total $1,300.00 for the 13 months. Once the 13 months are up, we will reassess our contribution plans. The $1300.00 is coming from Good Old Mike’s music sales and streaming proceeds, YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and Good Old Mike’s personal funds. If the previously mentioned revenue streams outperform $100 / month, we will reassess our contribution. In short, if we earn more, we can donate more.

Stream Music For Charity

Streaming music for charity –

Listen to Good Old Mike Music by streaming from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc. It is a great way to give to charity without spending any money! All proceeds from audio streaming are earmarked to go to ALS Association and LBDA charities. More details here.

Here are some links to those streams:


Please note – YouTube videos are not applicable sources of funding since Good Old Mike Music YouTube channel is not monetized. Applicable revenue is generated by streaming audio at this time.

10/28/2020 Update

Turns out when you pledge something, there is a responsibility to maintain some transparency, even more so when things are moving and changing. That’s what I would expect, so that is what I’m doing with this post.

As I begin to make some structural changes to the layout of my Good Old Mike sites, I want to provide an update here to ensure complete transparency about how these changes relate to funds being generated for charity. From my perspective, there is nothing substantial to report, but I do want to share a bit about the present agreement and how changes may or may not apply to them.

I have pledged that all sales proceeds for present releases of Good Old Mike Music and all AUDIO streaming proceeds for the Good Old Mike Music are pledged to the Supported Charities for the first 12 months after release. This continues to be the case. No change at all.

Releases presently in scope are:

  • Zero Gravity (EP)
  • Gotta Get Out (single)
  • OK (single)

However, to clarify, the VIDEOS on the Good Old Mike Music YouTube channel are NOT monetized, and therefore do not generate ANY revenue whatsoever for our causes. For this reason, I encourage everyone to stream AUDIO from YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. in order to help generate funds for our causes.

In order to maximize exposure for this charitable endeavor, I am presently working on merging my Good Old Mike Music and Good Old Mike Garage YouTube channels. But this comes with a small complexity I am compelled to document. This change will enable me to monetize future music related content; however, since I will not be able to easily determine what revenue would be generated by future music content vs other content, I am not pledging to donate future video revenue at this time. Hopefully, down the road, we can revisit. I am considering a few options like earmarking a percentage of video revenue.

I hope this makes sense. If there are any questions at all, please email me directly at

Y’all be good!


Easy Way To Give (For Free)

Hey All,

So I’ve been sick for the past few days and have been poking around on the computer rather than “working,” while I try to recuperate.

In an effort to make it easier for folks to “give by listening,” I made a YouTube Music playlist here:

Just click the link and listen to any or all of the tracks (for free) in the playlist. Proceeds from streaming (no cost to you) will be donated to the Supported Charities we have identified.

Have a great weekend!


OK – New Single

New single, OK, is being released today. It will be available for streaming on all the major platforms shortly. Until then, you can check it out on YouTube or Instagram. I hope you like it and stream it. All proceeds for this track are going to charities mentioned on the Supported Charities page for the next 12 months (at a minimum).

It would be very helpful to my cause if you would consider sharing this with your friends. Thanks and love to all.

Runnin’ With The Devil

Good Old Mike plays the 1st track off the 1st Van Halen album

Ok, so this isn’t done. Currently on this track, I’m jamming with Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen’s original studio tracks. I have a friend working on the singing and I’ve asked another to play the bass.

Since this is a cover tune, nothing is monetized and I am not posting on the usual platforms. This was just for fun and a way for me to honor King Edward. Hope you like it.