Network Cable Clean Up With Southwire Network Tool Kit

I use the Southwire Network Tool Kit to clean up my communications area today. The network cable and coax rats nest was out of hand!

Items used in the video

Southwire Network Tool Kit:

Tone Generator Kit:

Other helpful Gear

Impact Punch Down Tool: M300P

Professional VDV Low Voltage Cable Mapper tool kit:

Home Facelift Complete

Today, Melissa completed painting the front door/entry way and that will wrap up the project. I will complete the video this week and post it so we can MOVE ON. I know folks are not terribly interested in this project, but hey, it had to get done.

Next we need to clean our main living room rug. That will be done in the garage. Once that is done, I can get to work on some other fun GARAGE stuff!

Gussy Up Them Shutters!

I just put the finishing touches on part 1 of 2 shutter videos. It is being uploaded to YouTube as I type, and I will link to the video below when it is live. Mrs. Good Old Mike wanted to gussy up the front of our home, so we are getting it done! New paint on the door, new paint on the shutters, it is gonna be bonafide swanky goodness. Hope you enjoy the video. Please leave a comment and subscribe if you haven’t done so yet!