Welcome to the Music page. I write and record original music…mostly melodic instrumental music that tends to be guitar centric. Some of my music is commercially available and several tracks are available for streaming via all of the major streaming platforms. Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, you name it. You can also purchase Good Old Mike music on Amazon if you would like to do so.

This is the first track on the Zero Gravity EP

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity (EP) is an EP release from 2020. All streaming revenue has been pledged for 2 charities – ALS Association and Lewy Body Dementia Association. When I listen to Zero Gravity, I think of it as space western science fiction music. I know that might sound weird, but this was the common thread I found with all of the tracks. The album is mostly slow, haunting and suspenseful. Sudeshna Hazra designed the album artwork, which I think is fantastic.

Other 2020 Singles

I release 2 other singles in 2020 after Zero Gravity – my quarantine song, Gotta Get Out, followed by a remake of a song I wrote in the 90s called OK. Personally, I believe these are some of my best songs and will be featured on my next release which I am hoping to complete by end of 2021.


As you can see from above, some of my track have videos. You can view those on my YouTube channel. Some videos are for commercially available tracks, while others are yet to be released demos. Here’s a video of a live rendition of Java, which is one of my not officially release tracks.