Edward Van Halen

Yesterday morning, Edward Van Halen lost his battle with cancer. Today, I posted this on Instagram:

I don’t remember when exactly I first heard Van Halen 1. I remember clearly when 1984 came out and then going back through the catalog after being exposed to the amazing band. I remember being entirely blown away by the band and especially Eddie’s playing. They had a heavy edge to their sound while maintaining spirit of fun and good times. There was nothing else like it, and Eddie’s guitar tone and playing ruined my perception of other greats for quite some time. It was hard to go back to Clapton or Paige after listening to Eddie. He was that mind blowing, for me at least.

Honestly, I’ve never been able to play Van Halen, or do it justice, but I have been inspired by his music over and over again. With Eddie’s passing, it seems like a good time to attempt once again to cover one his tracks. We’ll see how I do.