More Rain, More Leaks, and a Dashboard Tear Down

Today I spent some time in the truck trying to narrow down the source of water leaks in the cab. There is either a leak in the seam between the firewall and the cowl, or from the windshield, or the heater core.

In today’s video, I recorded my tear down steps I took. I actually made it further, but this is the footage I had handy when putting together the video. the remaining footage will be included in the next video.

I also continued rust exploration and found the driver’s side is not in as good of shape as I had hoped. More on that tomorrow.

Replacing A Ford F-100 Floor Pan

I’ve started the prep work for replacing the floor pan in my ’77 F-100. In this video, I go on a bit of a discovery mission to see how much rust damage there is. Its not as good as I hoped, but not as bad as it could be. Let’s see how this turns out!