Charity Update

Since it is clear the Zero Gravity EP campaign is underperforming (we did net $12.00 in November), I have decided to change things up a little bit. I have set up automated monthly contributions of $50 to and $50 to LBDA charities and will let those run monthly for the duration of 2021. If all goes well, this will total $1,300.00 for the 13 months. Once the 13 months are up, we will reassess our contribution plans. The $1300.00 is coming from Good Old Mike’s music sales and streaming proceeds, YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and Good Old Mike’s personal funds. If the previously mentioned revenue streams outperform $100 / month, we will reassess our contribution. In short, if we earn more, we can donate more.

Stream Music For Charity

Streaming music for charity –

Listen to Good Old Mike Music by streaming from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc. It is a great way to give to charity without spending any money! All proceeds from audio streaming are earmarked to go to ALS Association and LBDA charities. More details here.

Here are some links to those streams:


Please note – YouTube videos are not applicable sources of funding since Good Old Mike Music YouTube channel is not monetized. Applicable revenue is generated by streaming audio at this time.