The Wormhole

So today, I was asked to make something that requires my woodworking tools. My wife said, “you do realize you have just opened the wormhole?” Which was a hilarious and totally appropriate term to use given an understanding of my psyche.

The bandsaw got a cleanup, alignment, and test today

My wife often refers to my obsessions as “stations.” Likening it to a kindergartener where I have this station for electronics, this station for music, this station for woodworking, coding, welding, automotive, etc. Most of my “stations” stay dark for long periods of time and I will focus on a single obsession or two at a time. Then something will happen, and “a wormhole is opened.”

Anyway, only time will tell if woodworking is reactivated. I have a project I need to use the tools for. We’ll see…but still, it was FUNNY.